cover_day_jimmys_boa_ate_the_wash.jpgThe Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash by Trinka Hakes Noble

Vocabulary: boring, ducked, sense, suppose, tractor

Phonics/Phonemic Awareness: vowel dipthongs /ou/ ou, ow

Strategy: Questioning

Secondary Strategies: fluency, self-correction, connections, cause/effect

Books for All Learners: Never Bored on the Farm, Larry’s Baby Boa, All About Snakes, Be My Valentine

Reading Activities/Literacy Centers:

1. (Reading Comprehension): Using the “Books for All Learners,” students choose one to read and complete the activity.

Never Bored on the Farm: (Cause/Effect): Students divide a piece of construction paper into four quarters. They draw a sunrise in the top left quarter and a sunset in the bottom left quarter. Directly opposite, have them draw the boy doing what he usually does at each time.

Larry’s Baby Boa: Students make cause-effect diagrams that show the chain of events on Pet Day. They will draw pictures of different pets getting into trouble, connecting the picture with arrows.

All About Snakes: Students draw a picture of a snake. They then label the picture of the snake, identifying the different body parts. At the bottom, they will write 3 facts they learned about snakes from the book.

Be My Valentine: Students write short poems to give to someone special. They can place these in special envelopes and address it to that person.


2. (Phonics/Phonemic Awareness): Using the headings cow and mouse, students will sort words and pictures into the two different categories. Students can flip to the backside of the sorting sheet and then sort by syllables. Students can take pictures of their sorts to show tot he teacher (or videotape themselves saying the words and sorting them).

3. (Phonics/Writing): Students make up silly sentences using /ou/ that tell about an adventure a cow might have. Extension: Students create rhyming riddles using /ou/ words, writing and illustrating the riddle.

4. (Word Building): Students use paint chips to create ou, ow words with alphabet letters.

5. (Cause/Effect/Reading Comprehension): Using sentence strips, students sort and match up causes and effects on a sorting mat. They then fill in on a sheet missing causes and effects.

6. (Reading Comprehension): Retell the story of “The Day Jimmy’s Boa Ate the Wash” using two puppets, with one telling the story to the other (the other can ask questions).

7. (Reading Comprehension): Use the Comic Story creator (computer/Internet/printer), and retell the story. Extension: Use the comic creator to create a cause/effect story (he forgot what he needed at the story because he got so distracted).


Words to Use:

ou: out, around, mountain, house, sound, ground, shouted, found, outside, mouth, without, blouse, mouse, loud, proud

ow: cow, how, flowers, brown, now, down, frown, plow, brow, crowd, downtown, chow, power, powerful, plowing

Before Read Aloud:

*Using page 35, 36 from the basal, read with the students the “Snakey Riddles.” Student volunteers can share some of their own snakey riddles.

*Predict what the story will be about with students.

*Hand out sticky notes to students. Explain that sometimes during the story, we have questions. Encourage them to write these questions down. Explain that some will be answered as we read, but others we can discuss after the story.

During Reading:

*As you read, pause and ask questions aloud, modeling for the students. Students will be writing their questions as well on sticky notes, which they will share after the story.

After Read Aloud:book_image2_jimmys_boa.jpg

*Share with students your questions/answers. Then, students will share theirs as well. Explain that any time we read a story, we often have questions in our heads, or connections. Sticky notes are a great way that we can pause while we read, write it down, then keep on reading (we can stick them right on the page!).

*Cause/Effect Activity: Using a “snakey” chart, write down several events that happened in the story. Students categorize these as cause (why) or effect (what happened), filling in the blank “spots.”

*The cow started crying/haystack fell on her

*pigs were hungry/ate kids’ lunches from the bus

*famer was so busy yelling at the pigs/ran into haystack with tractor

*Jimmy left his boa constrictor/they were in such a hurry to leave

*The farmer’s wife screamed/boa constrictor in the clothes

*Jimmy brings a snake to the farm/the snake frightens the chickens